MD, PhD, born 12/22/1951 in New York, USA. Professor of Immunology, Paris 7 University / Xavier Bichat School of Medicine. Head of the research laboratory “Programmed cell death, AIDS pathogenesis and host/pathogen interactions” EMI-U 9922 (INSERM - Paris 7 University). INSERM EMI-U 9922, Hôpital Bichat

(a selection):

Referee for scientific journals (Nature; Nature Medicine; Nature Cell Biol,...). Member of the Editorial board of Cell Death and Differentiation (1996-9). Foreign member of the Belgium National Scientific Research Fund (FNRS) (12th scientific commitee, “general and medical microbiology, immunology”) since 1998 and of the concerted action “T-cell homeostasis” of the French National Research Agency on AIDS (ANRS) since 1999. Expert of the commitee “Physiopathology of transmitted spongiform subacute encepholopathies” of the French Department of Education and Research (MESR) (“Biology, Life Sciences, Medicine and Health”) since 1997,member of the scientific commitee (CSS 10, Infectious Diseases) of the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research (INSERM) (1995-98), the National Council of Universities (CNU) (Medicine, Immunology) (1995-8), the founding commitee and of the executive commitee of the European Working Group on Apoptosis (European School of Haematology) (1994-6), the scientific board of Ensemble contre le Sida (French Foundation for AIDS Research) (1994-6), expert of Scientific and Technic Mission of the French Department of Education and Research (MESR) (“Biology, Life Sciences, Medicine and Health”) (1994, 95), member of the European Expert Commitee on HIV, CCE ST2 (1988-94), the scientific commitee n° 2 (Immunology) of the French National Research Agency on AIDS (ANRS) (1989-92) and of scientific organizing commitees of international meetings, since 1995 : 1st International Symposium on HIV and cytokines, Reims, France (1995); INSERM Workshop n°89 “Exploration of programmed cell death” (1997); 1st practical ESH-ECDO workshop on Apoptosis. CEA, Saclay (1997); “Apoptosis” Meeting, Pharmaceutical Commitee INSERM/SNIP,Vanves (1998); San Marino Conference “Scientific research at the dawning ot the 3rd millenium: AIDS and cancer. Scientific and ethical challenges”, San Marino (1998); 6th DBMS/IBS International Workshop: “Programmed cell death”. Autrans (1999).

for his work on programmed cell death:

The 1992 Leon Baratz Award from the French Academy of Medicine, The 1993 joint Award from the French National Institute of Health (INSERM) and the French Academy of Sciences, The 1997 Award from the BNP Fund/French Medical Research Foundation (FRM). The 2000 Biguet Prize of Philosophy from the French Academy, and The 2000 Jean Rostand Prize for his book La Sculpture du vivant (Seuil) Some of his publications concerning programmed cell death (since 1991): 1997 - Kremer L, Estaquier J, Brandt E, Ameisen JC, Locht C: Mycobacterium bovis Bacillus Calmette Guérin infection prevents apoptosis of resting human monocytes. European Journal of Immunology 1997, 27:2450-2456. 1998 - Ameisen JC, “The evolutionary origin and role of programmed cell death in single celled organisms: a new view of executioners, mitochondria, host-pathogen interactions, and the role of death in the process of natural selection.”, in : When Cells die. R. Lockshin, Z. Zakeri, J. Tilly (eds.). New York, Wiley-Liss, Inc., 1998, pp. 3-56. 1998 - Ameisen JC. HIV: Setting death in motion. Nature 1998, 395: 117-119. 2000 - Estaquier J, Monceaux V, Cumont MC, Aubertin AM, Hurtrel B, Ameisen JC. Early changes in peripheral blood T cells during primary infection of rhesus macaques with a pathogenic SIV. J Med Primatol, 2000, 29:127-135. 2000 - El-Sabban ME, Nasr R, Dbaibo G, Hermine O, Abboushi N, Quignon F, Ameisen JC, Bex F, De The H, Bazarbachi A, Arsenic-interferon-alpha-triggered apoptosis in HTLV-1-transformed cells is associated with Tax down-regulation and reversal of NF-kappaB activation. Blood. 2000, 96:2849-55. 2001 - Tatischeff I, Petit PX, Grodet A, Tissier JP, Duband-Goulet I, Ameisen JC. Inhibition of multicellular development switches cell death of Dictyostelium discoideum towards mammalian-like unicellular apoptosis. Eur J Cell Biol. 2001, 80:428-41. 2001 - Arnoult D, Tatischeff I, Estaquier J, Girard M, Sureau F, Tissier JP, Grodet A, Dellinger M, Traincard F, Kahn A, Ameisen JC, Petit PX. On the evolutionary conservation of the cell death pathway: mitochondrial release of an Apoptosis Inducing Factor during Dictyostelium discoideum cell death. Mol. Biol. Cell. 2001, 12:3016-30 (impact factor: 8.5) 2001 - Petit F, Corbeil J, Lelièvre JD, Moutouh-de Perceval L, Pinon G, Green DR, Ameisen JC, Estaquier J. 2001 - Bratosin D, Estaquier J, Petit F, Arnoult D, Quatannens B, Tissier JP, Slomianny C, Sartiaux C, Alonso C, Huart JJ, Montreuil J, Ameisen JC. Programmed cell death in mature erythrocytes: a model for investigating death effector pathways operating in the absence of mitochondria. Cell Death Differ. 2001, 8:1143-1156 (impact factor: 7.8) 2001 - Ameisen JC. Apoptosis subversion: HIV-Nef provides both armor and sword (News and Views) Nature M edicine 2001, 7:1181-1182. (impact factor: 28) 2002 - Arnoult D, Akarid K, Grodet A, Petit PX, Estaquier J, Ameisen JC. On the evolution of programmed cell death: apoptosis of the unicellular eukaryote Leishmania major involves cysteine proteinase activation and mitochondrion permeabilization. Cell Death Differ 2002, 9:65-81 (impact factor: 7.8) 2002 - Ameisen JC. On the origin, evolution, and nature of programmed cell death: a timeline of four billion years. Cell Death Differ 2002, 9:367-393 (impact factor: 7.8) - Ameisen JC. La Sculpture du vivant Le suicide cellulaire ou la mort créatrice. 1999, 2nd edition 2000. Éditions du Seuil. (Book, 352pp). The book was awarded the 2000 Biguet Prize of Philosophy by the French Academy, and the 2000 Jean Rostand Prize by MURS-AESF.

University and hospital titles:
Doctorate in Medicine and University Teaching Qualification in Human Biology (Immunology). Qualified to direct research; CES (Certificat d’Etudes Spéciales) of Immunology and Pneumology. Certificate of clinical Allergology and Immunology; former First speaker, specialist physician in hospital (Immunology). Bichat (1996-7) and Lille (1989-96) University Clinics. Former Postdoctoral Fellow, then Associate Research Scientist, Section of clinical immunology, Yale University School of Medicine, USA (1986-7); former Trainee in Medicine, Lille University Clinic.

Scientific activities and responsibilities:
Director of EMI-U 9922 laboratory (inserm-université Paris 7) “ Programmed cellular death, AIDS pathogenesis and infective hosts/agents interactions”, Bichat-Claude Bernard University Clinic, Paris and of the INSERM unit (Institut Nationale de la Santé et de la Recherche Médicale) U 415 “Pathogenesis of AIDS and immunity and nervous tropism infections”, Institut Pasteur, Lille (1994 and 95)

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